Audio samples

Below you find a selection of pipa and vocal audio samples, performed by Zhang, Jingyu.



Contemplative pipa pieces

  1.  彩云追月  Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon   [link]
  2. 夕陽簫鼓   Flute and Drums at Sunset   [link]
  3. 小月儿高   The Moon is High   [link]


Vibrant pipa pieces

  1. 陽春白雪   White Snow in the Spring Sunlight   [link]
  2. 赶花会      Riding to the Flower Festival   [link]
  3. 十面埋伏   Ambushed on all Sides   [link]
  4. 倒垂帘      Shadow of the Bamboo Curtain   [link]



  1. 美丽的草原我的家    based on a folk song from Inner Mongolia province, North China   [link]
  2. 前门情思-大碗茶      Beijing style recitative song   [link]
  3. 吐鲁番的葡萄熟了    based on a folk song from Xinjiang Uyghur province, West China   [link]
  4. 月光下的凤尾竹       based on a folk song from Xishuangbanna province, South China   [link]
  5. 红梅赞                       Han chinese soprano piece [link]
  6. 家和万事兴               Han chinese soprano piece [link]